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Meet BUTS member Kay Estes: ‘I love our home trails most of all’

Kay Estes enjoys a frosty beverage but in the heat of the long run or race? “Arby sliders are magical.”

When did you start running and why? Around 2012-2013. I shifted from being a road runner because I was having too many overuse injuries from pavement.

What is your favorite distance? 100K. It’s short enough that odds are good you’ll be done before sunrise but long enough that you can’t just “wing it.”

Biggest mistake new trail runners make? Underestimating the amount of fluids needed on a run in the Alabama summer.

Favorite food on the run? I have the sweet tooth of a 5-year-old so on every run there will be Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears or Swedish Fish. In long runs and races, Arby sliders are magical.

Best place you’ve been blessed to run? Destination places all had their own unique features. Colorado for the big views. The Uwharrie Mountains (Troy, N.C.) where trails were technical, punchy and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a Hobbit pop out. Out of all the different places I’ve run, though, I love our home trails most of all.

What’s something people don’t know about you? I went to cooking school to be a pastry chef.

Biggest mistake ever on UltraSignup? Entering the lottery for the Barkley Fall Classic for the third year in a row. (And no, I have not gotten my invite for this year ?.)

Kay Estes in real life: I work in Human Resources at an industrial software development company since I have to adult, and  haven’t won the lottery yet. When I’m not running, I would still rather be outside, even if it’s napping in a hammock. I love going camping, paddle boarding, and biking. I’m an avid reader of anything that catches my interest and love true crime podcasts.

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