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Meet BUTS member Becki Jones: The runner behind Dirty Soles Trail Races LLC

Dirty Soles Trail Races director Becki Jones, right, welcomes a finisher at her inaugural Lake Yahou race in 2022. Photo by Steven Bagley of the Pinhoti Trail Runners.

Becki Jones is a Birmingham Ultra Trail Society member and a transplant from California where she was an avid road half marathoner. We asked her to tell us about herself.

How’d you get to Alabama? I moved to Alabama in 2016 on a whim suggested by my best friend of 20-plus years, who I now live next door to. I started Dirty Soles Trail Races in October 2021 and the first race was McClellan Madness in March 2022. Our local running club wasn’t involved in trail running and something needed to be done about that. Dirty Soles Trail Races, LLC was born.

When did you start trail running and why? My very first “trail” run was at Frog Pond (where my race In The Heat of the Night was held) on March 21, 2020. Covid had just made landfall and all my road races were being canceled. My friends had run trails for a while and asked me to join them. I was very hesitant in fear that I would break an ankle so I started on a Forest Service road to ease in to it. My very first real trail run was May 9, 2020, on part of the Pinhoti Trail at Heflin Spur. My very first trail race was Rockin Choccolocco in June 2020.

What is your favorite distance? 100k. Short enough to not hate yourself and long enough to question your life choices.

Biggest mistake new trail runners make? Underestimating the number of calories and electrolytes needed.

Favorite food on the run? During a training run, Sport Spuds (mashed potatoes in a squeeze pouch). During a race, quesadilla and pickles.

Best place you’ve been blessed to run? South Fork, Tenn., for No Business 100. It’s the most gorgeous place.

What’s something people don’t know about you? I donated my eggs when I was in my 20s to a couple who could not have kids.

Biggest mistake ever on Ultra Signup? So far signing up for a race out of excitement forgetting that I had a fun run I was already doing that day. So, I pretty much just paid $90 for nothing.

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