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From a founder: This is a team sport, says Kyle Stichtenoth

Birmingham Ultra Trail Society co-founder Kyle Stichtenoth remains amazed and thankful for what has been wrought by the organization imagineered by him and three friends in 2013.

Kyle crosses into oblivion during the 2013 Western States

Wrote Kyle for our recent newsletter: “BUTS… wow, what an amazing journey it has been.  What has really inspired me most about what this group has become is the community it has created. BUTS is a safe and welcoming space for people to get out and understand all the joy, misery, camaraderie, and triumph that trail running and ultra marathons provide.

“Cheers to everyone who has showed up for a group run, signed up for a race volunteered at an aid station, or helped crew someone at a race. It may not always seem like it, but this is a team sport and I love the team we have with BUTS.”

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