Crusher Ridge Race Course (2016)

Note: If you are very familiar with the park, you may be able to follow this turn by turn.  However, the section of the course from the Firetower Trail to Wipeout are unofficial trails.  They are not blazed, there are no signs.  They are not on the Park Map.  All names used for those trails here are unofficial and not necessarily recognized by Park Staff.  Race day, we will thoroughly mark with flags, ropes, and signs.  If you choose to run the course before race day, it is with your understanding that trails are not marked!

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Start in parking lot. Head down to the Nature Trail in front of the Nature Center.

Follow the Nature Center trail staying left to connect to the Geology Trail.

Take a left onto the paved road at the end of Geology.

Go up hill to the unpaved service road.  Take a right then an immediate left onto the single track.

This is the start of the Firetower Trail.  It runs gradually uphill until you are at the base of the Firetower, then it cuts sharply to the right downhill.

At the bottom, turn left, then left again onto Hanging Valley.

Follow Hanging Valley, passing the Jaws Crusher near the bottom.  At the top take a right, then another right onto Apex.

Take Apex down the mountain.

At the bottom turn left onto Lizard Loop, then another left up to the gravel lot. Take the trail in the upper left corner. This is Bronco.

Take a right at the top of Bronco, then right onto AMF.

Follow AMF down the mountain until you come to the Largest Crusher. Take the first left past the Crusher. This leads you up to Blood Chutes.

Take Blood Chutes up the mountain.  At the top turn right.

Turn right onto Wipeout.  Follow Wipe out down the mountain to Lizard Loop.

Left onto Lizard Loop. Go a hundred feet or so, then turn left to get to the far grassy end of Pipeline. Right onto Pipeline.

Follow Pipeline.  First Aid Station (unmanned) is at the intersection of Pipeline and Salvage Road.

Follow Pipeline down to Buckeye on your right.

Stay on Buckeye, it turns into a service road. Turn left onto service road. Go all the way to the top of the hill and turn right onto Hollow Tree.  (It is the second entrance for Hollow Tree)

You pop out on the Quarry Trail, take a hard and immediate left to begin Ridge and Valley.

Take a left at the intersection for the Crusher Loop.  Follow the loop.  You will see the Crusher.

Back at the Intersection with Ridge and Valley, take a left to continue the rest of Ridge and Valley.

You come out of Ridge and Valley at the Aid Station at Gray Fox Gap.

Take a left to begin Possum Loop.  You are running the loop Clockwise.

Take a right onto the Overlook Trail.  This is a short out and back section. After the “back” section, take a right to continue Possum Loop.

On the other side of the loop, take a right into the Quarry. Loop through the Quarry then exit and take a right to finish the loop.

Pop out at Gray Fox Gap and the Aid station again.

Take the Quarry Trail all the way to Trillium on your right. (if you hit the paved road, you just missed Trillium).

Follow Trillium to the Finish Line!

Download a Map Here

Course was measured using Suunto and Strava.

Suunto has it at 12.6 miles (.5 mile shorter than a true half marathon, but way harder than most halfs)

According to Strava it is 12.2 miles with over 3000ft elevation gain.

GPS units are not perfect, and everyone’s will be slightly different.  This is not a certified course, so no complaining about what your watch says at the end of the race!