Birmingham Ultra Trail Society & Membership

BUTS is a group designed to promote and facilitate the growth of the trail running community in Birmingham, Alabama. Through group runs, events, trail work days and BUTS sponsored races we aim to provide a way for anyone and everyone to get involved. BUTS is open to anyone who believes in happy trails and wants to be part of one of the South’s best trail communities.

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To create a welcoming community that gives both new and experienced trail runners a place to ask questions, find running partners, and explore all the things that make trail running an amazing escape from the ordinary workout.
  • Work with local parks and trail systems to help maintain and build new trails that can be enjoyed by all.
  • Host races and events that are not only totally awesome, but also act as fundraisers for the local parks and trail systems.
  • Be friendly and make sure all our area trails are happy trails.


BUTS celebrates diversity in its members and welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ability levels, religious affiliations (or lack thereof), and political beliefs. People of all ability levels are welcome and encouraged to participate in our events. We will not tolerate harassment, bullying, or abuse of any kind. If you can be kind and helpful to your fellow humans, then you are invited to run/walk/hike with us!

We are committed to fulfilling our mission of fun, safe, and happy trails for everyone. The trails belong to ALL, and ALL should have equal access and personal safety while hiking and running. While we know that currently this is not a reality for many Black, indigenous, and people of color, we commit to doing better and working to make it so. We believe that Black lives matter and that we owe it to those who have have felt or have intentionally been excluded from our sport, our community, and from the joys of nature to fight for them.

BUTS Executive Team

<strong>Lisa Booher</strong>
Lisa BooherPresident
<b>Mary Campbell</b>
Mary CampbellVice President
<strong>Peter Shearouse</strong>
Peter ShearouseBusiness Manager
<strong>Bob Sims</strong>
Bob SimsSwag Master
<strong>Amber Whillock</strong>
Amber WhillockMembership Director
<strong>Steve Ponte</strong>
Steve PonteSecretary
<b>Jeff Estes</b>
Jeff EstesAid Station Coordinator


<strong>Kyle Stichtenoth</strong>
Kyle StichtenothCo-Founder/Past President
<strong>Greg Wingo</strong>
Greg WingoCo-Founder
<b>John Gregg</b>
John GreggCo-Founder